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The owners, Peter and  Chantal De Swert-Coen, have restored the chateau with all modern comfort available (internet in all rooms, and Wifi on each floor), but respecting the style and atmosphere of the building as it existed after the latest redecoration  in  Louis XVI style of the 18th century. Exception is made for the staircase and one room where lime stone and oak beams are again made visible, showing inscriptions of imprisoned French noblemen in 1756.

Peter has retired as Executive Vice President Engineering & Maintenance at KLM, and was formerly CEO of Sabena Technics. He has a passion for the history and architecture of the castle and its 17th century barn. In the wine cellar he is the specialist who will let you taste the Clos d’Isore harvested behind the castle. The wine can be bought at the castle. Chantal has studied tourism and is the perfect hostess who can tell you what and how to visit your preferred destinations. Also the regional specialties have no secrets for her, which you can discover at breakfast.


The park

  • Wednesday 25 July 2012
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